We Aren’t Worried About Our “Competition” … check them out too and find what’s best for you!

We Urge You To Do Your Homework

  1. Uncle Harry’s: Choose us if you want to make great money and believe in the importance of customer service as much as we do! We have been taking care of appliance repair customers since 1969 and mentoring students since 1997.

  2. Fred’s Appliance Repair: If you are someone who needs hands on training then Fred’s is the way to go! While he doesn’t get too much into the business side, Fred’s is perfect if you want a classroom setting. In our opinion it is impossible to master a new career in three weeks. You need frequent mentoring and a gradual start.

  3. Master Samurai Tech: If you’re a tech head and want to master Ohm’s Law then Scott Brown is your man; Just don’t count on getting anyone on the phone if you get in a jam!

  4. Penn Foster: If you are interested in fixing blenders and toasters or are short on cash, then Penn Foster is right for you. The Penn Foster course includes very little on business start up and pricing your work.

  5. Mr. Appliance: If you’re looking to buy a franchise then Mr. Appliance is a good way to go as long as you have $32,000+ to drop. Please check into the history of the ups and downs of Mr Appliances franchisees. It will be very enlightening. You don’t need a franchise to start up your appliance repair business; the competition is easy to beat.  We can show you how to do it on a modest budget with minimal advertising. Uncle Harry’s program has been fine tuned with the feedback from hundreds of past students.