Platinum Program Includes:

1. The Appliance Repair Wizard Tablet:

This Lenovo tablet gives you instant access to over 8,500 of the newest service manuals, over 200 how-to on-the-job videos, easy diagnostic tricks, and exactly what to do on each service call. It comes preloaded with 16gb of data so it does not require you to be connected to the internet. The Wizard is like having a master appliance repair tech in your back pocket at all times, and allows you to immediately start running service calls!


Uncle Harry's Appliance Repair Wizard

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2. Platinum Online “Secrets to Starting Your Business” series of 30 lessons:

  1. An Overview of the Appliance Service Industry rev1
  2.  Sample Lesson 1 – Do You Cover All The New Stuff?
  3. Secrets of the Appliance Service Industry
  4. Introduction To Appliance Repair Business Startup
  5. First Call Jitters
  6. Appliance Repair Business Challenge
  7. Appliance Repair Service Call Challenge
  8. How to Make Money in Appliance Repair
  9. How Much Money Can You Really Make?
  10. Picking The Low Hanging Fruit
  11. Overview – How to Properly Charge for Your Services
  12. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 1
  13. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 2
  14. Diagnostic Tricks Revealed
  15. Defining and Developing Your Own Market
  16. Getting Your Phone Ringing With Profitable Work
  17. Advanced Repair Techniques – That last 5%!
  18. I Researched on the Web and ……
  19. Developing Your Own Website
  20. Understanding Internet Marketing
  21. Researching and Mastering Model Numbers
  22. Using Appliance Repair Referral Websites
  23. Growing Your Business Using Angie’s List
  24. What is Search Engine Optimization? Let’s Simplify It.
  25. Dependency on the Home Environment Introduction
  26. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 1
  27. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 2
  28. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 3
  29. Time Management Part II
  30. Time Management Part I

Buy Secrets to Starting Your Business Series

Secrets To Starting Your Business- 20 online courses designed to help you build your business from the ground up. This chapter covers all the specifics on how to launch your business, get your phone to ring, market your business for free (also includes best paid advertising practices), keep your customers happy, avoid common mistakes, and make $100,000+ per year.

3. Platinum Online “Mastering Kitchen Appliances” series of 31 lessons:

  1. Refrigerators and Freezers – Part One, rev1
  2. Refrigerators and Freezers Part – Two, rev1
  3. Refrigerators Part 1 – Understanding Refrigerant Flow
  4. Refrigerators Part 2 – Compressor and Sealed System Failure
  5. Refrigerator Part 3 – Automatic Defrost Systems
  6. Refrigerator Part 4 – Air Flow and Temperature Contro
  7. Refrigerators Part 5 – Drain System Problems
  8. Refrigerators Part 6 – Computer Controlled Refrigerators
  9. Refrigerators Part 7 – Doors, Door Switches, Cams and Seals
  10. Icemaker Systems, rev 1
  11. Icemaker part 1- What All Ice makers Have in Common
  12. Icemakers Part 2 – Diagnosis and Testing
  13. Icemakers Part 3 – Water Valves and Leaks
  14. Icemakers Part 4 – Unusual Icemaker Problems
  15. Water and Ice Dispenser Theory and Repair
  16. Ice Dispensers, Grinders and Bins
  17. Automatic Dishwashers, rev1
  18. Dishwashers Part 1 – Theory of Operation
  19. Dishwashers – Part 2 – Clogged Drains and Common Problems
  20. Dishwashers – Part 3 – Doors, Seals and Hinges
  21. Dishwashers – Part 4 – Unusual Brands
  22. Gas and Electric Ranges and Ovens, rev1
  23. Range and Ovens Part 1 – Introduction
  24. Range and Ovens Part 2 – Oven Temperature Controls
  25. Range and Ovens Part 3 – Electric Oven Diagnosis
  26. Range and Ovens Part 4 – Gas Oven Diagnosis
  27. Range and Ovens Part 5 – Self Cleaning Ovens
  28. Range and Ovens Part 6 – Gas Cooktops
  29. Range and Ovens Part 7 – Electric Cooktops Both Open and Glass
  30. Disposer Basics – Repair and Installation
  31. Understanding and Repairing Microwave Ovens

Buy Mastering Kitchen Appliances

Mastering Kitchen Appliances- 31 online courses covering all brands of refrigerators, ice-makers, dispensers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, disposers, and microwaves including LG Samsung, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Electrolux. You will learn through video using basic logic, efficient diagnosis, and step-by-step repair practices. Certificates included.

4. Platinum Online “Mastering Laundry Appliances” series fo 21 lessons:

  1. 1. Automatic Gas and Electric Dryers – Introduction
  2. Automatic Gas and Electric Dryers – Heating Systems
  3. Dryers – Tricks of the Trade and What They All Have in Common
  4. Dryer Components and Common Problems- Digging Deeper
  5. Dryers – Unusual Dryer Problems
  6. Dryers – Mastering Gas Valves Part 1
  7. Dryers – Mastering Dryer Gas Valves Part 2
  8. Dryers – Electric Dryer Heating Elements
  9. Automatic Washers – Part One, rev1
  10. Automatic Washers – Part Two, rev1
  11. Washers Part 1 – Introduction
  12. Washers Part 2 – Timers and Computers
  13. Washers Part 3 – Diagnosing Computer Operated Washers
  14. Washers Part 4 – Suspension Systems and Tripods
  15. Washers Part 5 – Main Bearings, Boots and Drain Pumps
  16. Washers Part 6 – Understanding Washer Drive Systems
  17. Washers Part 7 – Understanding Valves, Level Switches and Locks
  18. Basic Electricity Part 1- Basic Concepts of Measuring Voltage and Current
  19. Basic Electricity Part 2 – Discover the Difference Between Switches and Loads
  20. Basic Electricity Part 3 – Learning to Use an Ohmmeter
  21. Basic Electricity Part 4 – Making Test Cords and Making Electricity Flow

Buy Mastering Laundry Appliances

21 online courses covering all brands of washers and dryers including LG, Samsung, Cabrio, Oasis, Duet, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Electrolux. You will learn through video using basic logic, efficient diagnosis, and step-by-step repair practices. Certificates included.

5. LIFETIME Customer Support

If you have a problem, even years down the road, you can call Harry or his son Reid directly and one of them will walk you through it! You will even have Uncle Harry’s personal cell phone number.