How To Start An Appliance Repair Business

Many people have the technical knowledge to repair appliances, but not everyone has the savvy to run a successful appliance repair business. What good are your skills if you aren’t working any jobs or if nobody in your area has heard of you? If you’re wondering how to start an appliance repair business, you can trust Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School.

Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School provides you with the tools to start a successful appliance repair business today! You’ll have everything you need to start making 80-120k per year. To start off, there is the appliance repair marketing guide, which will give you quality tips on how to attract new clients, the ins and outs of internet advertising, and how to design your website. You’ll also receive 12 months of free consultation from Uncle Harry, who has over 40 years of experience in the appliance repair business.

If you’re completely new to running a business, or more specifically an appliance repair business, you can also benefit from Uncle Harry’s Nephew Club. You will become a member as part of the program. The Nephew Club offers advice on how to properly handle service calls and how to communicate with your clients on a variety of topics including billing and setting up appointments. As a member of the Nephew Club you gain access to the Appliance Repair Wizard, an exclusive and invaluable tool for both novices and advanced appliance repair technicians.

If you’ve been holding yourself back from starting an appliance repair business or taking your existing business to the next level, you now have no excuses. Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School will give you all the tools to successfully run your business, plus access to repair manuals, tips, and tricks that will allow you to refine your skills and maximize your billable hours. Become your own boss and learn how to start an appliance repair business today!