Michael Krooger

Find out how to make over $1000 a week by taking Uncle Harry’s appliance repair course.

Mark Carson

Mark is a recent successful student. Listen to his story.

Scott Heckart

Scott tells his success story after taking Uncle Harry’s appliance repair course.

Andrew Bloom

Andrew Bloom is a perfect example of using Uncle Harry Raker’s appliance repair school to start your own business. Listen to what he has to say about his experience.

Harold Taggart

Harold sent me this testimonial. He quit a $50,000 a year job to go in to appliance repair and hasn’t looked back.

Adam Long

Adam is making $500 a week in less than two months. He’s extremely happy with Uncle Harry’s course.


Andrew Bloom

Uncle Harry,
Because I was so blessed to find you and your program, my life has been changed in amazing ways. Just came back from a solo surfing and exploration trip to the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
Hope all is well with you!

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Chris Yockey

Our oven decided to go on self-cleaning mode whenever the mood hit it. After calling the local appliance repair company, the next available appointment was two days away. I knew this was an opportunity. There is a need for more appliance technicians. After doing my research, I purchased Uncle Harrys Premium-Platinum Program which included manuals and a resource book that covered all appliances. I also received the Appliance Mobile Wizard Tablet. This easy to use device has guided me through many appliance repair calls. All the information provided with the repair program is packed in this tablet. It doesn’t rely on the internet, so I can use it anywhere. I must be ready to repair many different types of appliances. The wizard tablet provides me with instant answers.

A-American Appliance

I purchased Uncle Harry’s program back in 2015 after wasting money on other so called professional courses and expensive manuals. The Repair School was the best step by step guide to starting a business, you could literally plug and play any prospect and be successful. But the best part of the program is the Repair Wizard. It is by far the best tool in my truck not that i need it for every job or every week for that matter but having access to hundreds of service manuals and videos not dependent on WiFi has speed up my productivity by at least 50%. That and those of us that know everything 😉 can still have a long day and need a quick glance at diagnostic tree. Thanks again Uncle Harry I will constantly update and supply my techs with the Wizard. You and your staff have always been helpful and professional.

William Plumstead

After working for companies for year’s I came across his ad decided to give it a shot. well after struggling for a year wondering what I was doing wrong I went back to the books and realized why I was failing. I am proud to say now I am doing well and have several people working for me I can’t keep up with work. all I learned I took in my business and came up with a few ideas of my own to beat the competition.

John Atabaev

I have just registered my new appliance company! I am getting excited to start my new business! Everything looks great! Uncle Harry’s program is well designed and straight forward. If you know how to use multimeter and do not lack basic logic you can easily do troubleshooting. Of course, I expect some learning in the field too. But it is like in any business. I will strongly recommend this program to my friends. Thank you Uncle Harry!!!

Danny Royce

When we researched this program among many others, we were impressed with the simplicity and the support they provided us, even before we started with them…… and it continues. We call and someone answers. They help us with repairs, questions, advice. We have paid for this program many, many times over. And it is in big demand. I think we could double our business this year, using Uncle Harry’s Repair programs and tools. Thank you for giving us the ability to add this category of service for our customers. Dan Royce, DIAL Electronics

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