Platinum Program with 15-inch Laptop

The heart of my totally revised Platinum Program is a fully loaded 15″ Lenovo laptop. The beauty of this computer is that it is not dependent on the Internet. You do not not need Wi-Fi or a hotspot.  We have added more video content than our tablet can store so we have upgraded to a high-quality laptop. The new content is 250GB of in home videos of recent appliance service calls.  I call it my Reality Series because it includes dirty basements, broken parts and mistakes; it is like riding along with a technician! The videos were recorded while performing on-the-job repairs.  They include my commentary, customer conversations, and every repair detail. You will learn step-by-step diagnostic techniques on all popular service calls. It also includes the entire Appliance Repair Wizard Tool library and “Secrets to Starting Your Own Business” series.  You will have immediate access to my online “Starting Your Own Business Series” with the remaining online Reality Series and Wizard tool access in a few hours. The laptop will be shipped FedEx the next business day. Tap the Buy Now Button to see FREE Samples.

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