We can repair your Whirlpool WPW10586737 Oven Control Board.

Send us your board and we will quickly repair, test the board and ship it back to you.  All repairs are guaranteed for one year.

Please send your appliance computer board to:
Harry Raker
13831 Redcoat Lane
Phoenix, MD  21131

Also, please include:
First and Last Name
Complete Address
Phone Number
Email Address

I will keep you up to date and quickly send the repaired board back to you.

Please briefly describe the problem you are encountering, the type of appliance (washer, dryer, etc., the brand, and the model of appliance.  This shopping cart system will allow you to pay for the repair online via a credit or debit card by clicking “More options” or pay using PayPal or Shopify payments. If you have questions call me at 410-967-3455 or email Harry@rakerappliancerepair.com

Harry Raker, BSEE