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not listening

#1  – They don’t listen to me.

They forget that I’ve been repairing appliances for over fifty years and they still ignore my advice.

I fervently try to keep them out of trouble but they defy me and continue to do stupid things that cost them time and money. If they would just listen things would be so much better, so the number one mistake is not being a good listener.

#2  – They don’t charge enough for their services.

Guys have the mistaken idea that by being cheap they’re going to have a lot of business, well they’re half right; by being cheap they’ll have a lot of business but by being cheap they’re quickly going to go out of business because they won’t make any money.

This business is not about how much you charge, it’s about how fast you can get there and how accurately you can repair appliances.

You must charge full price for your services.

#3 – They repair appliances that should not be repaired.

The most important thing in this business is knowing when to fold your cards and walk away from a job.

Guys get all caught up in the concept of ‘I can fix anything, just let me at it!’ Well they’re completely foolish because proving that you can fix anything doesn’t prove that you can make money. It just proves that you’ve got a big ego that’s getting in your way.

Learn to say no.

Samsung Warranty

#4 – Soliciting factory work, warranty work and insurance work.

This is work that falls on you, they think that if they hook up with Sears or Lowe’s or Samsung that they’re gonna get a ton of work and make a ton of money. Well again they are half right; they certainly will get a ton of work but they will make no money.

They will chase their tails running all over the county for half of what they should make and then on top of that they are gonna have one heck of a problem collecting the money that they have sorely earned.

Stay away from warranty work; it’s a loser!

#5 – I want to get my EPA Certification so I can do system work.

What a huge mistake, only super specialists do system work and even then they only do high end brands like Subzero.

You will lose your fanny trying to make money doing system work on typical five hundred dollar or eight hundred dollar refrigerators; your call backs are going to be fifty percent (50%) of the work you do and you will make no money. Leave system work to the specialist; collect your service charge and walk away from the job.

Don’t do system work!

Feedback Welcome!

Who agrees or disagrees with me on these five mistakes that newbies and some pros (believe it or not) make when starting and operating an appliance repair business. Surely one of you has a nightmare story about never getting paid on warranty work by the factory. Or regretting that you ever started what turned into a nightmare job.

5 comments on “5 Biggest Mistakes When Starting Your Repair Business”

  1. Chashb says:

    Hey Harry,

    You gave me my start in the business! You gave me the confidence to believe I could do it and you were right… I can! I was never worried about mastering the technical aspects of appliance repair with my digital design engineering background, but was worried about going into customer’s houses and being surprised by issues that my reconnaissance of their appliance didn’t address… No more! I’ve become pretty good at handling surprises… I bring schematics for just about every appliance now and a lot of times troubleshoot issues directly from the control board… I’ve found that charging ~$150.00 for my efforts plus whatever the parts cost per call serves my wallet and the customer’s wallet quite well. I’m still way cheaper than the “corporate” appliance repair outfits in the area with all the overhead they have to contend with… The biggest problem for me has been getting the phone to ring. I’m well established with my Google business listing and have more 5 star reviews than just about everyone else in my area. My nearest local competitor won’t touch Samsung or LG appliances! Big advantage for me! When I do get service calls, the people always tell me they’re calling me because of all the great reviews on my Google business listing! The number of calls per week is slowly climbing up, but the process is taking much longer than I originally anticipated it would… That’s probably my only complaint. For the record, I follow all 5 of your tips above.

    P.S. Thanks for giving me the confidence to get started!


    1. Uncle Harry says:

      Charlie, it doesn’t happen overnight. It sounds like you’re doing everything right except using other marketing techniques beside the web. Review my courses and expand your marketing to grassroots efforts like I explain extensively. You have to aggressively market yourself every way you can with any free time that you have. It’s painful but it works extremely well over the long haul.

  2. Juro Kolar says:

    Hey Harry, thanks for posting this because I can really resonate with a few points you made. Specifically, im’ the kind of guy that needs to prove I can do something and I was spending more time than was needed on projects and it was actually a losing deal for my business. At the end of the day, there are times where I can donate my time and experience and there are days (almost every day) where I need to focus on my BUSINESS that is a FOR-PROFIT business. I need to focus on bringing in income, not proving a point. Thanks Harry!

  3. Mohammed says:

    Hello Harry,

    I’ve been doing appliance repair for over a year now and getting paid good but not the best, I wanted to start my own appliance repair business and I’ve been reading a lot about it on your website and your great reviews. My question here is what’s the best away to start and advertise the business?

    1. Uncle Harry says:

      My suggestion is to buy my “Starting Your Own Appliance Repair Business” series and learn all my secrets. Following is a link of what is included and a link to buy.

      Secrets to Appliance Repair

      Uncle Harry

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