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There is no shortage of information out there about starting an appliance repair business, but what is missing is a focus on ways to be the best possible business owner and avoid burnout. Informed by a lengthy appliance repair career and the numerous experiences that it’s offered, I wanted to relate my top six lessons to the next generation of appliance repair business owners.

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Six Things That I Wish I Knew Before Starting an Appliance Repair Business

1. Prioritize Your Physical and Mental Health

Exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle (no smoking, limited booze) to keep your body and mind in top shape. After all, appliance repair is a demanding career for those running service calls and managing others, alike.

Also, don’t overwork, especially early on when you’re building a business. Prioritize taking time off and balancing your time with other parts of your life. These moments provide clarity and insights into your business.

2. Stick With Servicing Appliances You’re Passionate About

The best appliance repair companies know their strengths and weaknesses and avoid trying to be everything to every customer. Identify what appliances you’re most excited to work on and become an expert repair service provider.

Knowing your limits will also help you find quality talent that matches your goals and be better at managing customers’ expectations. It’s better to be upfront about your capabilities rather than over promise and under deliver.

3. Learning is a Lifetime Commitment

It can be tempting to forgo learning once you’ve started a business, particularly when it gets busy. A successful business owner, however, makes a commitment to keeping up on industry trends and ways to managerial improvements. This endeavor extends to studying your competition as well and learning from their mistakes.

Why is this is important?

All businesses are cyclical; you need to be constantly innovating and reflecting on what you’re doing.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Delegating particular tasks, like marketing or accounting, can be a way to allow you to focus on your expertise and not get bogged down.

5. Find Great Partners and Nurture Those Relationships

Find people you can rely upon, notably someone with complementary skills and who is able to be a counterbalance for your wild ideas.

6. Invest in the Long Game

Stick to a service focus and other opportunities that offer a sustained income over a long period versus a quick win. Additionally, make investments in quality equipment and staff upfront so you’re not wasting time in the future and you can focus attention on growing and retaining your customer base.

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