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Cool, fall weather is here. While you may be busy planning out adventures for your family or raking up leaves in your yard, performing preventative maintenance and repairs on household appliances is essential. Since October is Fire Prevention Month, we can help get you prepared through our step-by-step guide to performing repairs and maintenance on household dryers to protect against appliance fires. The safe installation of household appliances, proper maintenance, and thorough repair of appliances can help ensure that households are protected against dryer fires. If you’ve got questions about how to repair and care for household appliances, Uncle Harry can help.



Unaddressed Dryer Repairs Can Cause Dryer Fires

Improper dryer installation, not correctly addressing repairs, lint build-up in exhaust ducts, heating elements, and lint traps can all potentially contribute to a dryer fire. You’ll want to follow Uncle Harry’s step-by-step instructions to diagnose any repairs on a household dryer appliance or turn to his blog to address quick repair issues, like a household dryer not turning on. When performing preventative maintenance for dryers to protect against appliance fires, be sure to cut the power and then thoroughly remove all lint build-up from lint traps, exhaust ducts, and heating elements regularly. This can help protect against the lint potentially catching on fire while the dryer is in operation.

Hot Clothes Can Indicate You Need Dryer Repairs

Outside of using Uncle Harry’s Appliance Wizard, there’s a small tip that can also help protect households against dryer fires. If clothing that’s been run through a drying cycle feels abnormally hot to the touch after a cycle is completed, it’s a telltale indication that there’s an ongoing heating problem occurring. So before homeowners run their next dryer cycle, they should cut the power and check their dryer vent to remove any lint that’s built up. For technicians on the job, clearing lint traps and lint debris is an essential component of dryer repair and one of the first steps you can take when you’re on site.

Invest in Dryer Repairs and Maintenance with a Trained Technician

Lastly, investing in dryer repairs and maintenance with a trained technician can help prevent dryer fires. You’ll want a qualified technician to look at appliances on a seasonal basis or when a repair can’t be accomplished at home. At Uncle Harry’s, we’ve successfully trained students to become professional business owners in appliance repair for years. Interested in learning more information on how to become a professionally trained appliance repair technician? We can show you where to start with our program pricing.



You can learn how to professionally repair appliances with the help of Uncle Harry. If you’re interested in becoming an appliance repair technician or learning how to run a successful appliance repair business, our repair school has a heavy focus on business ownership. Our Platinum Program 2021 features over 200+ videos that can walk you through appliance repairs in real time with real customers. By choosing Uncle Harry’s repair school, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have a great support network behind you to assist you when you need it. Call today or contact us to learn more and get enrolled!

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