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For many homeowners, owning a reliable gas range means years of cooking home-cooked meals without a hitch. One of the greatest perks of owning a gas stove is the fact that it can be used even when the electricity is out! However, as time wears on, trusty ranges may become susceptible to problems that an experienced appliance repair technician can quickly repair. If you’re facing a gas range that won’t ignite no matter how many times you’ve twisted the knobs, it’s time to turn to your Wizard Tablet and get to work. 

gas range appliance repair

If The Gas Range Won’t Turn On, Clean It!

Sometimes, the range won’t turn on due to the gas igniter’s surface area or the pilot being dirty. Before you start cleaning underneath the hood of your standard stove, you’ll want to unplug your range. If you’re working with a traditional gas range, you can find the igniters underneath the top of the stove after you’ve unplugged your range. By lifting the top of the stove, you can gain access to the igniters. Once you’ve gained access to the igniters, perform a thorough inspection and clean the entire surface area. If this doesn’t solve your gas range issues, you’ll want to clean the burner assembly as your next step.

Thoroughly Clean the Burner Assembly 

You’ll want to get a small brush to clean the burner assembly thoroughly. Then, you can lift the burner assembly off of its support arm and get to work with small bristles in between each crevice of the burner assembly. This should only take a few minutes to perform and can be completed in the same manner that you cleaned your igniters. After your burner assembly has been thoroughly cleaned, you can reattach and try to turn on your gas range again. If your gas range lights, you’re in the clear! If not, you may have a loose connection.

Check for Loose Connections 

If you’ve followed the above troubleshooting mechanisms and you’re still having trouble, you may potentially be facing a loose connection. Check for wires that aren’t connected between the ignition and control module to ensure that they aren’t the cause of your gas range struggles. If you can’t find any loose connections and your range still isn’t turning on, you can purchase Uncle Harry’s Kitchen Appliances Group – Reality Series for extra tips and tricks!



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