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When you’re on the job as an Appliance Repair Technician, you might find yourself running into tricky, hard-to-diagnose appliance repair issues. Even though troubleshooting a common appliance repair issue is a normal part of working with appliances, it can feel overwhelming to newbies. While troubleshooting an appliance at home isn’t recommended for homeowners (you may cause more damage than you bargained for), it’s an easy feat for seasoned pros who have trained under Uncle Harry’s Platinum Program.

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Turn the Breaker Off Before Troubleshooting Appliance Repair Issues

Before troubleshooting any appliance repair problem, you must turn the breaker off. Since every appliance is typically plugged into a grounded outlet or special adapter plug, this voltage is hazardous. Therefore, before troubleshooting, you’ll need to locate the breaker for the appliance and switch it off. You eliminate any risks of accidentally electrocuting yourself while troubleshooting an appliance by switching it off.  

Evaluate, Reset, Check for Blown Fuses, and Check Supply

After turning off the breaker, it’s time to get to work. You’ll want to evaluate any potential causes of why the appliance isn’t working correctly. Through a comprehensive process of elimination based on the particular type of appliance you’re working on, you can evaluate the potential cause of your appliance issue and attempt to reset the appliance if it’s an issue that can be reset. Before attempting a reset, you’ll want to ensure there are no blown fuses, malfunctioning parts, or supply problems contributing to the appliance not working. Through a process of elimination, you can begin to scope out the underlying problem with an appliance.

Refer to Your Wizard Tablet with Online Wizard Tool

If all else fails, you can always turn to your Wizard Tablet with the online Wizard Tool for more information and troubleshooting advice. When you’ve got Uncle Harry’s Platinum Program under your belt, you can always reach out to Uncle Harry for guidance! Uncle Harry has helped Appliance Repair Technicians make their way in the world of appliance repairs since 1997 and has run his own appliance repair business since 1970. Just check out Uncle Harry’s testimonials if you need any more convincing. 


You can learn how to professionally repair appliances with the help of Uncle Harry. If you’re interested in becoming an appliance repair technician or learning how to run a successful appliance repair business, our repair school has a heavy focus on business ownership. Our Platinum Program 2021 features over 200+ videos that can walk you through appliance repairs in real time with real customers. By choosing Uncle Harry’s repair school, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have a great support network behind you to assist you when you need it. Call today or contact us to learn more and get enrolled!

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