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Photograph of HVAC technician checking on an air conditioning unit.

Maintaining a comfortable and safe home or work environment is vital. HVAC systems should be routinely inspected for proper operation, whether heating, ventilating, or cooling air inside a structure. Educating consumers on this importance is necessary, but additionally, there are several steps repair technicians and service providers can take to ensure they develop repeat business customers.

Maintain certifications and always stay up to date on the latest information

In doing so, you can answer customers’ questions and resolve problems without hesitation. In addition, having an up-to-date knowledge base increases the chances of long-lasting repairs. As technology changes, so do the types of repairs. At Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School, those in our platinum program can access Uncle Harry’s exclusive “Appliance Repair Wizard” so you can start running service calls immediately.

Prevent minor HVAC problems from growing into big ones

When performing an HVAC check-up, any signs of wear and tear or minor issues should be noted and disclosed to the customer. Rather than worrying that you “found too many problems,” consider the appreciation they will feel with a small bill vs. letting them know they need an entire HVAC overhaul due to something that could have been prevented.

Take your time

While scheduling multiple clients across the city in one day can be tempting, take your time with each client and build rapport. By demonstrating your ability to pay attention to details and to check an HVAC unit thoroughly, chances are, customers will contact you again when they need routine maintenance or repairs.

Be professional

Small things like showing up on time to schedule check-ups, maintaining a clean work uniform, and being polite can all go a long way in building and maintaining new business relationships. Customers who are paying for a service appreciate the professionalism and will likely return to you for future services if they have an excellent first-time experience.


While this isn’t necessarily useful for creating repeat business, it is a great way to generate new business. Carry business cards with you always, and consider leaving a few with current customers so they can distribute them to their friends, family, and neighbors. We also recommend attending networking events such as a local Chamber of Commerce networking mixer or a regional conference.

At Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair school, we teach the foundation of appliance repair, business basics, and how to create repeat business that will last for years. We are the only online appliance repair school focusing on business ownership. To learn more or enroll in one of our programs, call Uncle Harry at (800) 958-4430.

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