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The complete set of online courses covers all brands of washers and dryers including LG, Samsung, Cabrio, Oasis, Duet, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore and Electrolux. From basic logic to diagnosis and step-by-step repairs. Includes hundreds of actual on-the-job videos.

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1. Automatic Gas and Electric Dryers – Introduction
2. Automatic Gas and Electric Dryers – Heating Systems
3. Dryers – Tricks of the Trade and What They All Have in Common
4. Dryer Components and Common Problems- Digging Deeper
5. Dryers – Unusual Dryer Problems
6. Dryers – Mastering Gas Valves Part 1
7. Dryers – Mastering Dryer Gas Valves Part 2
8. Dryers – Electric Dryer Heating Elements
9. Automatic Washers – Part One, rev1
10. Automatic Washers – Part Two, rev1
11. Washers Part 1 – Introduction
12. Washers Part 2 – Timers and Computers
13. Washers Part 3 – Diagnosing Computer Operated Washers
14. Washers Part 4 – Suspension Systems and Tripods
15. Washers Part 5 – Main Bearings, Boots and Drain Pumps
16. Washers Part 6 – Understanding Washer Drive Systems
17. Washers Part 7 – Understanding Valves, Level Switches and Locks
18. Basic Electricity Part 1- Basic Concepts of Measuring Voltage and Current
19. Basic Electricity Part 2 – Discover the Difference Between Switches and Loads
20. Basic Electricity Part 3 – Learning to Use an Ohmmeter
21. Basic Electricity Part 4 – Making Test Cords and Making Electricity Flow

Buy the set now for only  $449>>

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