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Watch and Listen to old students brag about their successes. You can’t make this stuff up.

Celebrate your success by bragging and telling us your story. Add a comment below with a selfie, a video or audio recording, text, a link to your website and pictures. Tell us about the funniest or strangest service call you ever ran.  I will add it to this post so that the whole world can learn about your success and visit your website to admire your achievement. Of course, you can link your Facebook page to this post and send your friends over to admire it. What fun!

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Over the last two decades, I have helped thousands of guys set up their own home appliance repair business. They have expanded their businesses, added employees diversified into other types of businesses, moved to different states and heaven only knows what else.  Some have kept in touch for many many years and others have gone off on their own and we have not heard from them for a long time. It’s homecoming time.  What a great thing to reconnect with all of the old students and hear and see their stories. Come on down and join the fun. Be the first to comment!

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