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This set of online courses includes an introduction to the repair business, how to price your work, how to make $100,000 per year, making the phone ring and tricks to fast success. Learn to avoid common mistakes, get past “First Call Jitters” and diagnose the most difficult problems.

Following is a list of the courses. Buy the set now for only  $599>>

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1. An Overview of the Appliance Service Industry rev1
2. Sample Lesson 1 – Do You Cover All The New Stuff?
3. Secrets of the Appliance Service Industry
4. Introduction To Appliance Repair Business Startup
5. First Call Jitters
6. Appliance Repair Business Challenge
7. Appliance Repair Service Call Challenge
8. How to Make Money in Appliance Repair
9. How Much Money Can You Really Make?
10. Picking The Low Hanging Fruit
11. Overview – How to Properly Charge for Your Services
12. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 1
13. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 2
14. Diagnostic Tricks Revealed
15. Defining and Developing Your Own Market
16. Getting Your Phone Ringing With Profitable Work
17. Advanced Repair Techniques – That last 5%!
18. I Researched on the Web and ……
19. Developing Your Own Website
20. Understanding Internet Marketing
21. Researching and Mastering Model Numbers
22. Using Appliance Repair Referral Websites
23. Growing Your Business Using Angie’s List
24. What is Search Engine Optimization? Let’s Simplify It.
25. Dependency on the Home Environment Introduction
26. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 1
27. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 2
28. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 3
29. Time Management Part II
30. Time Management Part I

Buy the set now for only  $599>>

2 comments on “Platinum Online – Secrets to Starting Your Own Appliance Repair Business”

  1. Bob Christiansen says:

    Hi Harry,

    My name is Rober Christiansen – please call me Bob.

    Harry, let me give you a little back ground on myself- I was born and raised in Greenwich Connecticut and right after that I went into the Air fothe Air Force and I ended up getting an honorable Discharge sick and Iwent back home and open up a Video & Photography Business and that lasted for 25 years and then my illness came back and bit me right in the rear end and I almost lost my life, to make a very long story short, I tryed going back into the business and of course the business has changed changed a lot and a lot of people that I knew in the business are gone, the man reason was the economy.

    My question is how dose a bad economy treat the appliance repair busses when things are slow or bad ?

    I understand when you are in bussine that it comes with the territory because I went thru a few of them with my Business but one thing I did learn is that I’m trying to get a a little understanding of this before I jump in to the appliance repair business with you and your company!!

    Thank You

    Bob Christiansen

    1. Uncle Harry says:

      I have lived thru several down turns in the economy and found that service work slows down too but not nearly as much as other businesses. Folks still need a frig and a washer. They put off repairs if possible, like one burner out on the cooktop or noises from the dryer. In general the appliance repair business is steady year round and builds steadily as the years go by. My son has taken my business from one truck to four in five years will no advertising other that the internet. The secret is fast honest service. No tricks, no gimmicks. Take a look at the reviews on google. We have 156 reviews on Angie’s List.

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