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I talk to guys every day who tell me just how smart they are and how much they know about fixing appliances. They are quite anxious to go to the next step and really get their business into high gear.  But when it comes time to pull out their credit card, they have no money. “I’ll have the money next week”. Baloney, I never hear from them again. Now really, can a guy expect to succeed in business of he cannot get $599 together?

  1. How in the world is he going to purchase a computer board for $300 and finish a  $500 job.

  2. How fast is he going to go back on a troublesome job, while making no money, until he gets it right.

  3. How is he going to set up a merchant account with the bank to take charge cards?

  4. How is he going to purchase essential liability insurance to protect himself. 

Appliance repair is by far the most profitable and the cheapest business to start up. It is also the least regulated of all services. But it still takes planning, a few bucks and determination. So don’t kid yourself. If you have some money saved up, do your homework, pick the best appliance repair school and pull the trigger.

If You Are So Smart, Why Are You So Broke?

Appliance repair is unique in that you can segue from another occupation by doing repair calls evenings and weekends until you start with your business. Many of my students have successfully done that. It allowed them to establish themselves and gain confidence before going full-time.

If You Are So Smart, Why Are You So Broke?

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