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Ten Appliance Repair  Commandments

1.Thou shall learn to say no to customers. See more.

saying no to customers

2. Thou shall not try to fix the unfixable. See more.

fixing the unfixable

3. Thou shall maintain professional prices
Do not discount prices
4. Thou shall give instant attention to callbacks

No taking care of call backs will kill you!

5. Thou shall always keep promises

Alway keep your promises

6. Thou shall never do warranty or insurance work

Insurance work is a nuisance and to be avoided

7. Thou shall not do system work

Say no to all system work - its poison

8. Thou shall focus on mastering the basics

Most service calls are simple, not high tech

9. Thou shall use only an analog meter

An analog meter is your friend, digital meters will fool you

10. Thou shall always give customers honest advice

You don't need a good memory if your honest







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