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This set of online courses includes an introduction to the repair business, how to price your work, how to make $100,000 per year, making the phone ring and tricks to fast success. Learn to avoid common mistakes, get past “First Call Jitters” and diagnose the most difficult problems.

Following is a list of the courses. Buy the set now for only  $599>>

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1. An Overview of the Appliance Service Industry rev1
2. Sample Lesson 1 – Do You Cover All The New Stuff?
3. Secrets of the Appliance Service Industry
4. Introduction To Appliance Repair Business Startup
5. First Call Jitters
6. Appliance Repair Business Challenge
7. Appliance Repair Service Call Challenge
8. How to Make Money in Appliance Repair
9. How Much Money Can You Really Make?
10. Picking The Low Hanging Fruit
11. Overview – How to Properly Charge for Your Services
12. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 1
13. What to Charge For Your Services, Part 2
14. Diagnostic Tricks Revealed
15. Defining and Developing Your Own Market
16. Getting Your Phone Ringing With Profitable Work
17. Advanced Repair Techniques – That last 5%!
18. I Researched on the Web and ……
19. Developing Your Own Website
20. Understanding Internet Marketing
21. Researching and Mastering Model Numbers
22. Using Appliance Repair Referral Websites
23. Growing Your Business Using Angie’s List
24. What is Search Engine Optimization? Let’s Simplify It.
25. Dependency on the Home Environment Introduction
26. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 1
27. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 2
28. Home Problems Can Cause Appliance Service Calls – Part 3
29. Time Management Part II
30. Time Management Part I

Buy the set now for only  $599>>

2 comments on “Platinum Online – Secrets to Starting Your Own Appliance Repair Business”

  1. TL Tipton says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing the wizard tablet very soon and likely will order the full training package at a later time. I understand the tablet is loaded with everything and doesn’t require an internet connection. My question is this: Is the tablet internet capable via direct connection or through Wi-Fi? It would be great being able to also use it for scheduling and billing. What brand and model number is it? If it does not have network capability, can one just purchase the digital content which is loaded on it without the tablet? And since we’re talking about appliance repair, I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t inquire about the warranty.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Uncle Harry says:

      The tablet has WiFi capability but all the data is stored on the tablet. You can use it for anything you wish as it is very capable. It is a Lenovo TAB 2 A7-20 loaded with an extra 32gb chip. It is customized for our use; the added data can be added to any computer but it will not work smoothly with out the customized platform we have developed. The tablet comes with a year factory warranty plus we support our software with the ability to remote in and repair or teach you how to use it. Call me for any more details at 410-967-3455. Or email
      Harry Raker

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