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As the fall season is steadily approaching on the horizon, it’s essential to perform seasonal maintenance to keep appliances running for homeowners. Now that the heat of summer has passed and homeowners are likely to be spending more time indoors with their family members, the last thing they’ll want to worry about is their appliances breaking down over issues that could’ve been avoided with simple, preventative seasonal maintenance. By caring for loyal appliances with preventive maintenance, appliance repair technicians can potentially increase the lifespan of appliances and ensure that they’ll stay running from the first sign of autumn and into each season that follows. Here are a few top fall maintenance tips from Uncle Harry’s to help keep appliances running all season long. 



Fall Maintenance Tip #1: Check Behind Refrigerators

Most refrigerators have a subtle, low-decibel hum that’s hardly noticeable within a kitchen. That’s a good sign that a fridge is in good working order. However, if a refrigerator begins to make startling noises, technicians and appliance repair companies need to perform their due diligence. A technician can perform seasonal maintenance to refrigerators by pulling them out of the wall and vacuuming the coils to increase the appliance’s heat transfer process. Then, a visual inspection can be performed to repair any noticeable water leaks or hose cracks. This seasonal maintenance can help keep refrigerators cool and in good working condition.

Fall Maintenance Tip #2: Pay Attention to Dryer Lint

If you receive a service call for a dryer, there are a few quick places you can check to rule out any initial problems. For households with numerous family members, there’s a good chance that there’s lint that has escaped past the lint filter and into the dryer’s exhaust lines or within the dryer door. By clearing out this debris, you might find that the dryer is suddenly running like it’s brand new again.

Fall Maintenance Tip #3: Perform a Visual Inspection of Ovens

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast only to discover that an oven is suddenly out of order, won’t heat, or has a clogged burner. Technicians on call to care for an oven will want to inspect for any signs of visible damage. This can include cleaning the stovetop to thoroughly remove any debris that might be in the way, checking the oven for frayed wires that need to be serviced, inspecting the burners for any damage that may have occurred, and more. A thorough visual inspection by a well-trained appliance repair technician can often get to the root cause of an oven acting up.



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