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On a hot, muggy summer day in Maryland, air conditioners are an absolute must-have to feel relief from the weather. According to the Energy Information Association, in the United States, approximately 87% of households have some form of air conditioning, including central at 75%, and the remainder being a different type of system (such as window units). In the Northeastern United States, homes are more likely to use window or wall air conditioners. Air conditioners change the temperature of a room or building by drawing heat from the room out, transferring it outdoors, and replacing the air inside with cooler, cleaner air (when units are properly maintained).

As with any appliance, breaks are bound to happen. According to Consumer Reports, 36 percent will break or experience problems by the end of the eighth year of ownership. In their 2018 survey, the median cost of a repair was $250, vs. 5,700 to get a new system installed. This data also demonstrates the opportunities for appliance repairers to find work and make good money doing it!



Common Air Conditioner Problems

According to over 23,000 consumer report surveys collected between 2015 and 2020, there are five most common air conditioning breaks.

The evaporator coil 
The evaporator coil is the part most likely to break, affecting approximately 5% of units. The coil resides in the indoor unit. There are three brands on the market with more problematic rates of roughly 10% breakdowns. To prevent coils from being damaged, owners need to keep them clean and well maintained. It is always recommended that owners hire a professional to replace them.

Condenser coils (outdoors) 
A very basic summary of condenser coils is thinking the opposite of the evaporator coil. Condenser coils release heat into the outdoor air. To prevent damages, always maintain an air conditioner to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Blowers turn the fan blades causing air to move through the unit. If the fan stops, you may need to replace the blower. A professional appliance repair technician can replace the blower motor for appliance owners.

Compressors are responsible for keeping your house or building cool. Compressors convert power into energy and help in the heat exchange process. They can be costly to replace, which is why annual servicing and regular maintenance are so necessary. Some common problems that cause compressor failure include electrical issues and refrigerant leaks.

Controls (excluding the thermostat) 
Typical air conditioner controllers’ functions include on/off, temperature setting, timers, auto start, and so on. More technologically advanced controls can have additional electrical issues. Sometimes it may be something as simple as changing on the batteries where possible.

In addition to problems with air conditioners, one problem that often goes unattended is routine maintenance. Without it, you may start to experience health problems. Some health problems that can stem from poorly maintained AC units could be asthma problems and allergies. Learning how to service units can be a beneficial addition to your business. Most research recommends an annual servicing of units.

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