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Second commandment

Thou Shall Not Try To Fix The Unfixable

What does it mean for an appliance to be unfixable?  We all know that nearly everything can be fixed if you spend enough time and money. An extreme example is a frame-up restoration of a 1910 automotive. It probably will cost $200,000 to get it back to the original.

thou shall not try to fix the unfixable


Unfortunately in the appliance world there are many repairs that fall into the gray area between fixable and unfixable. Two examples of clearly unfixable would be first, a 20-year-old washer with the bad timer that is no longer available from the manufacture and second a stackable washer dryer framed into a tight closet across from a set of shelves permanently mounted opposite the washer making it impossible to pull out.

In the first case, some customers will ask you to research the web and find the part somewhere like eBay to fix their appliance. The answer is. “No, I’m sorry we only use original manufacturer’s parts, not eBay parts.  You must buy a new machine.”

manfufacturer parts

In the second case, you tell the customer to remove all the impediments and have the washing machine moved out in the middle of the floor and you will be happy to fix it. I’m sorry but we are neither carpenters nor riggers.

new appliances


In both cases, you collect your minimum service charge and leave. Many customers will beg and plead to get you to fix what you should not be fixing. If you attempt to do so you will waste time and wind up with a very angry customer. Cut your losses. If you don’t you will never make any money.


thou shall not try to fix the unfixable

Many cases are not quite so clear. Some repair jobs appear to be simple going in but turn into a hairball upon execution. Following my advice or your hard-earned experience will enable you to avoid most such jobs and say no. Scars and bruises are long remembered.


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