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Introduction to Appliance Repair Training

There are numerous appliance repair schools advertised on the web. They fall into two categories, the first group requires you to actually live there while doing hands-on training and the second is simply online training. In my opinion actually going to an expensive school for three weeks is a poor option. Three weeks is hardly enough time to master all of the skills needed in appliance repair – or any career for that matter. Yes, a student will gain a bit of confidence in taking apart appliances but will only get an acquaintance with all the skills needed to master this new field. Mastery of appliance repair takes several years of intense study and practice. It is no different from any other profession. There lies the significant advantage of online training which allows gradual study paired with field practice.

Hands-On Training

The major player in the hands-on training world is Fred’s Academy. He offers a three-week training course for $4000. His focus is to train men to become technicians who will then work for appliance repair companies. He is closely affiliated with the major manufacturers who supply him with sample equipment.

Fred's Appliance Academy

Online Training – Samurai Tech versus Uncle Harry

The two major players in the online training world are mine, Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School, and Samurai Tech operated by Scott M. Brown. These two schools have a totally different approach and fit entirely different needs in the appliance repair world. To compare the two requires some background history.

Uncle Harrys Appliance Repair School

Uncle Harry's Appliance Repair School

I started an appliance repair business in 1970 which developed into a multi-truck operation with a storefront. In 1997,  I started a mail-order training course which, as the web came into prominence, evolved into online training. In retrospect, I have personally trained hundreds of technicians and remotely trained many thousands.  Obviously, many training skills were developed to make it easier and quicker to train new technicians. When I had my own service company my training techniques focused on developing skilled technicians. In contrast, my online training focuses on two things, not only training skilled technicians but also teaching men how to successfully open and operate appliance repair companies. These are really two independent skills. It’s ironic but true that some of the most skilled technicians can’t make any money in spite of themselves and some of the best businessmen are the crummiest technicians!

My material is often criticized as being out of date. Novices seem to think that appliance design changes drastically every six months. They couldn’t be farther off target. Appliance designs evolve very slowly.  Circuitry and electricity, as far as I can tell, haven’t changed much since I took electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 1964. Starting up a new business and treating customers with respect hasn’t changed in centuries.

In my school, you have easy access to the analysis of millions of service calls and thousands of service manuals. This material is updated every few weeks.  You have constant access to the latest marketing tricks discovered by our thousands of active students. However, the best part is you can pick up the phone and call us to discuss marketing issues or tough appliance problems. We will walk you through both.

Samurai Tech

Master Samurai Tech

Scott M. Brown is an excellent example of a “One Trick Pony”. He is without a doubt a great electrical technician, just ask him. In his world, everything revolves around schematics, circuitry, using meters, and careful electrical analysis. In reality success in the appliance repair business does not require the “Trick of Mastering Electricity”. However, it does require a lot of business skills.

To put things in perspective 40% of your service calls will require no tools.  Appliance diagnosis usually takes only a few minutes. The last 10% may require you to pull out your meter but usually to run a simple test.  Analyzing a schematic may be as seldom as 1 in 30. Only a rare soul can pull out a schematic and understand exactly how to use it. Most folks devise other methods to diagnose appliances.  One method is to text us a schematic for assistance. There is nothing wrong with that. We are here to help.

The Samurai Guy is an excellent resource for solving unusual electrical problems. However, he does not give you much guidance on how to start up your business and make it profitable or much support in getting there. It is easy to get buried in the weeds solving a tough electrical problem rather than resolving it quickly and getting on down the road to the next easy profitable call. In general, deep electrical analysis is an expensive waste of time. Even a pro is often misled. We teach alternatives. Keep in mind that such problems are seldom!

Which School Is Right for You – The Samurai Guy or Uncle Harry?

The cost of the two programs is very similar.  Both have large amounts of material accessible online.  Uncle Harry’s program includes a tablet independent of the web which many find to be very useful.  We are easily available by phone, 800-958-4430.

To make this choice you need to do a self-analysis. Are you going to start a business from scratch? Or are you planning to become a technician working for someone else?  In the first case, Uncle Harry’s School is the better choice. If you have a strong desire to dig deeply into circuits and master electricity, the Samurai Guy is a perfect choice. The two choices serve two different needs and career paths.

Uncle Harry’s school will guide you through the process of starting your own business and becoming a competent technician. We specialize in personal coaching.

The Samurai School will help you to become a specialized technician, not an entrepreneur.

The choice is up to you.

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