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Want to succeed?

Listen to successful business people, not amateurs:
If you aren’t sure how but want to catch a bus across town: Who’s advice do you take?
bus rideAny person who uses the bus line will tell you exactly how to arrive at your destination or
Any person, (loved ones included) who do not use the bus line don’t know so their advice, (even if well-intended)
is worthless:
When it comes to any business opportunity: Who’s advice is of real value?
1.  A successful businessman who is actually in the business or,
2. A well-intended friend or family member who never could and never would attempt to operate any business?
If you don’t know the answer to the above question, maybe owning a business really isn’t for you.
If you do…..the sky is the limit. You could be on your way to an amazing career:
Ask any successful entrepreneur.
I have watched people succeed and fail in business for many years:
I have started, ran and sold several very successful companies with upwards of
45 employees. Many of my friends are business owners. What do they have in common?
business advisors
They choose their advisors carefully and listen to people who know what they are talking about. They ignore the blabbering of even the best-intentioned friends, morons and/or family.
How in the world can any person not in a business advise anyone about a business they know nothing about?
Would you ask a carpenter about brain surgery?
Would you ask a brain surgeon how to wire a breaker box?
I hear it daily: “I have to check with my wife before I start my company.”  I
understand including your spouse in your  business decision but asking anyone who does not run a business about that business is just plain stupid.
When was the last time Donald Trump asked for his wife’s permission before doing a business deal?
When was the last time any successful businessman needed permission from anyone?
If your wife wants you to succeed and she probably does…….start a business and be successful. Stop asking her to shoulder what is your responsibility.
You want to start a business? Start a business: Your wife will thank you when you take her on a vacation you could have never afforded working the job you currently have.
How about this one,
“ My friend said owning your own business is a headache.”  Oh, I see….so working for somebody else relieves you of all headaches?
blind miceWho is the bigger moron; those spouting “well-intentioned” nonsense? Or the idiot who listens? Either way, clearly we have, “Blind leading the blind.”  This never works out well for either nonseeing participant.
Today not owning an appliance repair business is just, plain stupid.
With only 49,000 appliance repairmen nation wide, (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). I truly believe the appliance repair business is clearly the best business opportunity it has ever been:
If SEARS really does go under as I have heard they could (USA Today last week) the appliance repair business will be the biggest profit boon since the California Gold Rush. Do you want to be a part of it? Or do you want to get the opinion of people NOT in the business before you act?
 In conclusion: Do you want to work for someone until they fire you or you quit out of frustration? 
Or, do you want to make more money and control your own destiny?
Raker Appliance Repair Truck
For me there really isn’t a choice….I’ll never work for anyone else…and I don’t need my spouse, friends, family, or my barber’s permission….After 30 years, I know my wife respects me more because of it and my friends and family do too.
But that’s just me. Do you have a different opinion? Speak up!!

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