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According to Data USA, the growth rate for Home Appliance Repair Techs grew by 3.81% between 2018 to 2019. As the demand for Appliance Repair Technicians grows, especially with the ongoing appliance shortage, you may be thinking of entering the appliance repair industry. Becoming an Appliance Repair Technician is a great way to own your own business, ensure job security, get on-the-job training, and solve problems for homeowners. Uncle Harry’s can help you get started on your path to becoming an Appliance Repair Technician with the Platinum Program. 

Get Appliance Repair Training Online 

Before you enter the Appliance Repair industry and become a business owner, you’ll need to get some training under your belt. Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair School can give you the freedom to learn the ins and outs of appliance repair with a strong focus on business ownership. With the demands of life seemingly never-ending, you can get the appliance repair training you need online and at your own pace. 

Get Started with Our At-Home Platinum Program

Why wait to become an Appliance Repair Technician when you can get started with Uncle Harry’s at-home Platinum Program! Uncle Harry’s Platinum Program can teach you how to set up your very own appliance repair business with all the support you need from Uncle Harry. Uncle Harry’s Platinum Program comes with: 

  • Unlimited technical and business support at your disposal.
  • The Appliance Repair Wizard.
  • A 15” laptop with over 8000 manuals and hundreds of videos.
  • And more! 

Uncle Harry’s Platinum Program is designed for your quick success as an Appliance Repair Technician and business owner. So stop waiting, and get in control of your future today!


You can learn how to professionally repair appliances with the help of Uncle Harry. If you’re interested in becoming an appliance repair technician or learning how to run a successful appliance repair business, our repair school has a heavy focus on business ownership. Our Platinum Program 2021 features over 200+ videos that can walk you through appliance repairs in real time with real customers. By choosing Uncle Harry’s repair school, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have a great support network behind you to assist you when you need it. Call today or contact us to learn more and get enrolled!

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