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I have run over 50,000 appliance service calls since 1969 and trained hundreds of men through the appliance repair business start up process. (Check out my testimonial pages and my son's  website.) During the past 50 years I have learned  what folks think as they approach starting their new business and how they go about running appliance service calls. That experience has been enlightening, humorous and educational. I think you will be amazed to learn that most of what they believed and you now believe is completely wrong. Let's divide your beliefs into two categories, first Appliance Business Start Up Challenges and second Technical Mastery Of Appliance Repair.
Business Start Up Challenges
1. It takes a lot of money to get started.

2. Pricing is actually pretty simple.  To get work just undercut the competition.

3. There is a big investment in special tools and instruments.

4. An extensive expensive inventory is a must.

5. I must get a business license.

6. I must set up an LLC.
7. It's expensive and hard to get liability insurance.

8. I need a truck or van to run an appliance repair business. 

9. I need to set up a website.

10. It's a great idea to connect with home warranty companies like American Home Shield and do their work.

11. No doubt buying a Mr.Appliance franchise would simplify my startup.

12. It's a great idea to hook up with companies like LG and Samsung and do factory authorized work.

13. It is really difficult to get the phone ringing with service calls.

14. I don't need any help with business decisions. Most decisions are pretty obvious. 

Technical Mastery Of Appliance Repair Challenges

15. Mastering Ohm's Law, multimeters and schematics are a must.

16. I need to be able to repair everything that comes my way.

17. Mastering computer repair is essential and very difficult.

18. It's a great idea to attend a 3 week hands-on training school like Fred's Academy.

19. An EPA license, mastering Freon and compressor replacement are required. 

20. New designs come out every year and it's essential to be up-to-date with the newest.

21. There's great money in flipping appliances.

22. YouTube and the web are great resources and will solve most of your technical issues.

23. Anyone can master appliance repair by watching free videos.

24. Getting fast telephone assistance is not important. I will figure out most of the repairs myself.

25. There's a lot of money repairing commercial appliances.

26.I need to be able to transport appliances to my shop for repair.

Am I right? Do you believe the previous statements are accurate? Sorry, they’re Baloney! Choose your favorite statement from 1-26 and text me that number  1-26 with your name to  410-967-3455.   I will return your text and Bust the Myth!

A complete myth busting is included in my Platinum Program. For more course information see my home page.
Harry Raker


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